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Artist Statement

My name is Pam Folsom

I am drawn to paint on location whenever I can.  The colors and sensations around me are my inspiration, and as I place strokes of paint on my canvas, I am very aware of relationships—the interplay between thick and thin paint, between the elements of the composition, between colors and edges.  The resulting paintings are beyond reality, but believable so that viewers can enter a dialogue with them, and through them, with me.


These paintings are about slowing down, stopping to appreciate the moment, and finding the visual language to express what I need to say. Drinking in the day, life is intoxicating if you take the time to notice.  The most ordinary of subjects—old buildings or trees across a field—are intensely beautiful in their own way when you look with fresh eyes.


It is strictly out of selfishness that I paint; I enjoy it that much.  An hour passes, a day, however long it takes.  No rules, no guidelines, just creating visual communication with others that appreciate the dialogue.

Edited Image 2018-10-10 19-44-35
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